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2D and 3D fetal profile

4D fetal profile

"This experience with the 3D/4D sonogram was incredible and I would recommend it to everyone. Seeing our baby up close and personal was an incredible experience and one that we will never forget.

We were handled only by BOARD-CERTIFIED OB-GYNECOLOGISTS who were so patient and incredibly nice and made us feel so comfortable. Thanks for being instruments to capture my unborn baby's pictures and video that we will treasure forever."

Arman & Suzette 0.      
Quezon City, Philippines


“My first ultrasound in another facility said I was having a boy.  I went to IN MY WOMB ULTRASOUND CENTRE and they showed we were having a girl!  The OB Sonologist even showed it on 3D view for free for 100% confirmation that our baby is indeed a girl!  There was no question after seeing those pictures on a wide screen.  Highly recommended!”

-Anna Lopez, QC

“My husband and I enjoyed coming to your facility and seeing our baby LIVE, before  he was born. It was an amazing experience.”

-Christia Guevarra, Makati City

“Choosing an Ultrasound facility with licensed and board-certified OB-GYNE SONOLOGISTS and PERINATOLOGISTS was of utmost importance to us.  I had gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hyperetension and all my ultrasound monitoring was done at IN MY WOMB ULTRASOUND CENTRE.  My personal OB-GYNE highly recommended the facility because of highly competent OB-GYN sonologists and perinatologists. I delivered to a full-term baby boy with a perfect APGAR of 9,9 despite my high-risk condition.  Thank you IN MY WOMB STAFF for your competence and expert care. Together with my attending OB-GYNE, IN MY WOMB ULTRASOUND CENTRE have played a very VITAL role in my very delicate pregnancy. You are God-sent!”

-Romina Dolores Sy, Pasig City

“The clinic and staff provided a warm, relaxing and truly fun experience----they are like “family” to us even in just a short while that we were there.   I had my 4D for my 5th pregnancy. It was truly amazing.  My only regret? That my other 4 kids were not able to experience such a great thing!”

-Krizzia Gomez-Ong, Las Pinas City

“The staff’s knowledge, patience and sense of humor made it truly a memorable experience.  Even with hours of waiting, it is SOOOO WORTH IT!  IN MY WOMB is a perfect baby shower gift! Thanks to my sisters and friends for choosing IN MY WOMB for little Annika’s first portrait and video.”

-Shirley Mae Maravilla, Malate, Manila

“It was an overwhelming experience!  Not only did I have the joy of seeing my baby for the first time, but my husband and I were able to share the event with our family and friends.  The IN MY WOMB STAFF were so caring, competent and knowledgeable.
The Congenital Anomaly Scan released all my fears and helped me look forward to giving birth to our first bundle of joy.”

-Kaye Flores-Yeung, Balagtas, Bulacan

“My wonderful experience with IN MY WOMB ULTRASOUND CENTRE washed away the anxieties and fears of being a first-time mother. When I saw baby Enzo’s grimace, when he yawned and thumb sucked, I saw a miracle in my tummy unfolding before my very eyes. IN MY WOMB is a highly recommended ultrasound clinic for women.  You are trusted by many OB-GYNECOLOGISTS in our country.  Keep up the good work doctors and staff. God bless!”

-Mia Rose Ortiz-Luis, Nueva Ecija

“ I must admit that IN MY WOMB ULTRASOUND changed my decision towards not keeping my baby.  I will be a single mom soon and I was planning on doing the wrong thing, but as I walked along Makati , I just felt my feet  were bringing me to this ultrasound facility.  At first  I just wanted to see “IT” before eliminating her from my system. But as the kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable OB-GYNE Sonologist who handled me explained everything,allowing me to peek on the beauty and miracle happening inside my womb, in LIVE 4D motion, my heart cried.  I felt so guilty of my plans and thoughts.  IN MY WOMB ULTRASOUND saved MY BABY GIRL…….and they are God’s instrument that saved MY SOUL.  My heartfelt thanks to In MY Womb Staff and Doctors.”

-name withheld upon request, from Upper Bicutan,Taguig City